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How It Works

We started with one idea, one team and one goal, our motto is “We Will Help Those To Help Themselves”

Realizing that if you succeed then we all succeed, we came up with a strategy to ensure each member will travel the road to financial freedom.

Global Team Alliance, is that road to Financial Freedom

Success for every member of our team is not a fanciful idea, it is reality in its simplest form. We came up with a way for the average person to generate an above average income without going broke in the process!

Global Team Alliance, is just that, a team build of an alliance with Global Domains International (GDI) and the Action Team led by our Team Leader Daniele Cianciulli

Our proven system has been successfully building businesses for people since the time the internet came of age! This great company of GDI makes it affordable for everyone to earn a solid monthly residual income without breaking the bank, their monthly referral commissions are Guaranteed!

Global Team Alliance is a free membership, but to become a member you must first join GDI, once it has been confirmed you will be given access to the membership.

If you have ANY questions BEFORE you sign up, please read our Frequently Asked Questions, or send an email using the Contact Us Form on the home page or send an email to GTA support. support@globalteamalliance.ws

Affordable - Just $10 per month and no hidden fees, no additional costs.

Are you Ready right now to start your road to Financial Freedom by completing the following steps and pay a total of $0 today and then a monthly subscription fee after your 7 day free trial totaling $10 thereafter.? 

Step 1.  You MUST join GDI and open a new account under the person whose link is given in this website and set up your payment processor, the $10.00 fee will automatically be paid after your 7 day trial is over, if you change your mind and decide this opportunity is not for you, simply cancel your GDI account before the 7 days are up and there won't be any charges to your payment processor.
(If you already have a GDI account, you'll have to cancel it and open a new one or sign up for another account under the name of a relative or child.  See the FAQ’s for details.) 

Step 2.  
After you have signed up for GDI, you MUST send an email to support so we can create your very website the same as this one but with your GDI join link embeded in it. This will be done as soon as your membership to GDI has been verified.

Step 3.  
To be a part of Global Team Alliance you must be pro-active and advertise your replicated website, we will help those that help themselves, as admin will be advertising alongside you with the master website with the rotating co-op within in it, but if you just sit on the proverbial fence, you won’t get very far.

Step 4.    
If you are READY to travel the road to your financial freedom and agree with the above statements, you are welcome to join our team.

Please use a GMAIL address if you have one when you sign up.

 The Matrix System

For Simplicity sake, we base the whole G.D.I. system on a 5 x 5 matrix downline although not limited to just 5 wide but Infinitely wide . Every person that joins is at the top of their own matrix downline, although it looks like a pyramid, by no means is it a pyramid scheme, I want to make that absolutely clear from the start. Please note, your sponsor may not necessarily be the person who signed you up as you may find the referrer has moved you down a level to someone on their level 1 to help their downline grow.

There are 5 levels and each group is made up of 5 people.

You are at the top of your matrix

Your Level 1 = 5 people and each one of them has 5 people.

Your Level 2 = 5 x 5 = 25, each group has 5 people.

Your Level 3 = 5 x 25 = 125 people on this level.

Your Level 4 = 5 x 125 = 625 people on this level.

Your Level 5 =5 x 625 = 3,125 people on this level.

Total = 3,905 people in your own personal matrix downline.

Remember your 5 levels in GDI are not restricted in their sideways movement to just 5 people as it is infinity wide, we are just using the 5x5 matrix to make it a bit easier to understand.

Your job as a team member of Global Team Alliance and our GDI Action Team is to promote your replicated website on the internet and sign up a minimum of 5 people to GDI , that’s it just 5 people in your level 1, once you have at least 5 people, you must continue to be pro-active and help each of those 5 in turn to promote so they can each get their 5 people, The way you do that is, each of the 5 in turn ask admin to change your GDI link in your website to one of those 5 and help promote until all 5 have their 5 and don’t forget as each one gets their 5 they will do the same for those under them, after that you help the next lot of people on your level 2 to each get their 5 in turn, again by changing the link in your webpage to one of those people and help them promote, by everyone above helping those in their downline below, the matrix’s will fill up a lot quicker than if each person has to do it alone. By helping them, you are helping yourself, as you only get paid the commissions from your own downline,

Personal Recruiting friends and family will speed up your success and is always encouraged, promoting your own website and being pro-active will enable all our members to become successful!. Ultimately each member is responsible for their own downline, as this is where you will get your monthly referral fees from. So isn't it a good idea to nurture and help those below you, to help themselves and develop and build that downline which in the end will fulfill your goal.

With just 13 people anywhere within your 5 levels, you will break-even and you will no longer have out of pocket expenses.  Global Domains International is a legitimate and trusted companies.  By becoming a member of the program, you are now what they call an "affiliate".  As an affiliate, the company is going to pay you a percentage of the money that they collect when the people you referred purchase and continue to pay for their services.  Commissions are paid on the 15th of each month.   Affiliate marketing is a huge industry and a lot of companies are starting to offer to pay people for referring other people to use their services.  Although when you look at the 5 x 5 matrix system, it looks like a pyramid but this is by no means a Pyramid Scheme as the company provides members with legitimate products and services. Affiliate marketing is an awesome way to make some great money. 

The best part about being an affiliate for this company is that GDI will pay you 5 levels deep, they pay up to 50% down 5 levels.  This means that as an affiliate, you earn commissions on every new affiliate that signs up under your downline regardless of who refered them, if they are in your downline, you will get a commission.  You also earn commissions on every new affiliate your referrals refer and every new affiliate your referrals referrals refer, and so on for five levels.  How good is that?  Now is your chance to make a massive amount of money as we help you build your downline.

As well as your own advertising efforts, Admin will also be advertising on numerous advertising platforms which our members get the benefit. It you are interested we have an advertising/promotional page, on this page is numerous places to advertise your website, including mailing lists, traffic exchanges, ad blasters, search engine submissions and many other places that we have found for you, some you have to pay to join, others are free. Global Team Alliance also offers an inbuilt Rotator within the master website, that will recruit and close prospects for you! When you first join GTA, you are placed in the Rotator and when it is your turn and someone signs up to the master website they will be signing up to your GDI join link so that you get the credit for that new sign up.!, then you will rotate to the bottom and wait your turn again. All members that require their 5 sign ups will be placed in the co-op, once you have your 5 sign ups you will be removed from the rotator.

Our Team System Will:

1. Give you your very own website with you join link embeded in it.

2. Place you into our Lead Generation Rotator in the Master website.

3. Help you build your GDI downline matrix.

4 Help you on your way to making a guaranteed minimum residual income of $3,905 every month.

5. Give you a place to come together as a community in a Skype Chat Room.

6. Help you travel the road to financial freedom..

We would all like to make extra money, but the products and services you will receive from GDI can go a long way towards keeping you healthy wealth and wise, so you can enjoy the money you make all the more!

So Come And Build A Lifetime Residual Income With Us At Global Team Alliance. and GDI Action Team!

For any question and queries that you may have that are not answered here or in the FAQ’s section, please fill out the “Contact Us” box or send an email to support@globalteamalliance.ws or globalteamalliance@gmail.com


Global Team Alliance

Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win.

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