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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q. What is Global Team Alliance?
A.  Founded by John Hamilton, we are a group of like minded people who are working together to help everyone refer 5 people and fill one 5x5 matrix for Global Domains International.  Global Team Alliance is free to join, but you will be required to become a paid member of GDI Action Team under an existing member of our team in order to become an official GTA member.  

Q.  How do I contact Global Team Alliance?
A.  Our contact address is
support@globalteamalliance.ws we can also be contacted at globalteamalliance@gmail.com

Q.  Is This Legal?
A.  Yes! We are affiliates of a well known, trusted and respected company Global Domains International (in business since February of 2000).  We earn a commission when we refer others to purchase the products and services of this company.  GDI is completely legal and 100% safe.  Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online.

Q.  Is this a Pyramid Scheme?
A. Absolutely not, for a start Pyramid Schemes are illegal. This is a MLM system (
Multi Level Marketing) The difference between pyramid schemes and MLM is that with a pyramid scheme you don’t get anything for your money that you pay in, you will possibly get a referral commission but that’s it, nothing else, there are no other benefits or services provided inside the scheme. Whereas an MLM scheme, when you pay into it you are provided with different benefits and services, basically you are getting something for your money other than the referral commissions. With GDI, for your monthly subscription you are getting your very own Domain Name, a hosting option, website building system and up to 10 email accounts.

Q.  What If I am already a member of GDI?
A.  GDI only allows one account per person (per SSN or Tax ID#).  If you already have a GDI account, you must cancel it and wait the required 14 days in order to sign back up again under us.  If you don't want to wait to join us, you can sign up your spouse or partner, child (over 18 years of age) or another family member that does not already have a GDI account.  Or you can sign up under your business name as long as you have a separate Tax ID#.  To become a member of Global Team Alliance, you will be required to join GDI and set up a new account under the member that you filled out at GTA website. 

Q.  Am I Required to Get My 5 People In A Certain Amount of Time?

A.  Although there is no time limit, the faster we all get 5 people and fill the matrix, the faster we will all reach our goal of $3,905 per month.  To be a member of Global Team Alliance, you must be willing to be "pro-active" by promoting your own replicated website and when you have your 5 people, help each one of them to get their 5 and so on. You are ultimately responsible for your own matrix downline, so by helping those below you to get their 5 referrals, everyone will fill their matrix’s up quicker, just think about it, if you are promoting your links and your upline are also promoting your links when they already have their 5, imagine how many people that could possibly be promoting to help you get your 5 referral sign ups. We are not going to kick you out if you struggle with recruiting, but we are expecting everyone to do their part in building their downline. 

Q.  Can I Sign Up My Family Members to Get My 5 People?
A.  Absolutely YES and we encourage it.  You can sign up anyone who is 18 or older.  You can sign them up under yourself as long as they have their own SSN and  email account.  For example;  If you want to sign up your spouse and 4 adult children as your 5 people, you can!  You can even pay for them using the same credit card if you like.  This is a great way to increase your household income! But don’t forget that you are responsible for your downline, so if you sign up a family member or friend who doesn’t know how to, or can’t be pro-active in promoting, then you will be responsible for their advertising, this is to ensure that they are not just going to sit around and wait for someone else to get their sign ups for them. 

Q.  How Much Is Membership?
A.  Membership to Global Team Alliance is free.  But as a member, you are required to join GDI for $10 per month.  Your monthly membership fee after the initial 7 day trial will be $10 per month there after.  Keep in mind that your GDI monthly fees will begin to pay for itself once you have at least $13 in commissions, so you will not be required to pay the GDI membership fees out of pocket forever.

Q.  How Can I Pay My Membership Fees?
A. GDI allows you to make your monthly membership payment via debit/credit card, or PayPal.

Q.  What if I don't have a Debit/Credit Card, Can I Still Join?
A.  Absolutely!  We suggest that you purchase a re-loadable pre-paid debit card and transfer your money onto it.  Pre-paid debit cards are sold in many retail stores.   As long as the card has a Visa or Mastercard logo, you can use it to pay your monthly membership fees to GDI. 

Q.  How & When Do I Get Paid?
A.  GDI commissions are calculated from the beginning of the month to the end of the month.  And accumulated commissions are paid out on the 15th of the following month as long as the commission amount is higher than your selected minimum payout amount.  You can choose the method of payment in your GDI back office by selecting mailed check, or PayPal deposit.  You can also set the minimum payout for your commissions in your back office.  There is a fee that GDI charges when they pay commissions but that fee is dependent upon your minimum payout and chosen payment method. 

Q.  How Can I See My Commission Balances?
A.  You will have access to your GDI back office.  You will simply login to your members areas to check your commission balances.  You will be able to see your commissions adding up as paid sign-ups are placed under you.   To login to your GDI back office, go to
http://www.website.ws/members and enter the username and password you created when you first signed up and created your GDI account. 

Q.  I Am From Another Country, Can I Still Join?
A.  Yes, Global Team Alliance welcomes members from all around the globe. GDI is a Global Opportunity.

Q.  Are There Any Hidden Fees?
A.  Absolutely not! Your cost is $10 after your 7 day trial and will then be $10 per month thereafter.  You will never pay a cent more. If you decide at some point to upgrade to premium the cost is the inital $10 and then another $40 per month for a total of $50 per month.  

Q.  How Much Can I Earn?
A.  Please see the earnings disclaimer. As soon as you start getting referrals under you, you will start receiving referral commissions when they become active members. You will earn 10% of the cost of membership which is $1 per referral per month down 5 levels to infinity wide(refer to the
commission plan ).  Although we base our earning using a 5x5 matrix, your matrix downline is full once you have 3,905 people, which really isn't that many, considering how many people are online.   As we are working together as a team and everyone is helping everyone else it shouldn’t take too long a time to reach that goal of $3,905 per month. 

Q.  Is This A "Get-Rich-Quick" Scheme?
A.  No.  Global Team Alliance is a group of like minded people who are promoting a legitimate, long-term business.    "Get-Rich-Quick Schemes" do not work.  We are here to help secure long-term incomes for all of our members.

Q.  How Many Referrals Do I Need To Break Even?
A.  You should break even once you have just 13 people in your downline as Paypal take a $3 processing fee. Referrals can be anywhere in your downline within your 5 levels, regardless of who bought them in.

Q.  Do I Need My Own Website & Hosting Account?
A.  No.  It is not necessary for you to have your own website or host in order to promote this opportunity.  You will receive your own replicated website for you to promote and when someone signs up to it they will be signing under your GDI affiliate link, these replicated websites are hosted on our server at no cost to you. 

Q.  Where can I promote my replicated website?
A. We work together as a team to refer as many people to Global Team Alliance and our GDI Action Team, so that we can help everyone get at least 5 people and fill the matrix as quickly as possible. The admin team will be promoting the master website on many advertising platforms, any sign ups to it will go to the next member in the lead Generation Rotator within the master website, all members that still require their 5 sign ups will be placed in the Rotator. When you join us you will be sent, via email, a welcome message. our replicated website like this one with your join link embeded, an Advertising/Promotional pages than you can access, on this page is listed numerous advertising platforms such as safe mailing lists, traffic exchanges and ad blasters to name a few. Most are free to join, others are a paid service. Our admin team is always on the lookout for new places to advertise and add them to the list. The more team members we have promoting and helping their downline once they have their 5, the more sign ups we will have and the faster we will all reach the goal of $3,905 per month minimum.

Q.  Is there somewhere where members can come together and communicate as a team?
A. Yes, there is a separate Global Team Alliance members GDI Action Team Skype Chat Room where all members can come together and discuss whatever they like. We encourage a team spirit so that members will feel comfortable within our team, no moderators to tell you what you can and can’t say. If you have suggestions to make, complaints or would like answers to questions, this will be the place to express yourself. Contact admin if you wish to join the skype chat room.

Q.  What Is the Website Address To Our Team Site?
A.  Our official team website address is http://www.globalteamalliance.co.network/

Q.  Can I Cancel my Membership? Is There A Contract?
A.  Global Team Alliance is a free membership therefore there is no contract.  Should you wish to cancel your membership you may do so at any time by simply sending an email to admin and it will be cancelled. You can cancel your GDI account at anytime by following their cancellation instructions found in your back offices.  However, please be aware that you will forfeit all future commissions by doing so, and any referrals you have will pass up the line. 

Q.  Who Can I Contact If I Have Additional Questions or problems?
A. you can send email correspondence to 
support@globalteamalliance.ws  You will receive a response usually within 12 to 24 hours.  As an alternate you may use globalteamalliance@gmail.com

GTA Founder : John Hamilton

Phone : +61499229258

Email : johnhamiltonmarketing@gmail.com

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