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For simplicity's sake to help you understand, the GDI Commmission Plan is based on a 5x5  Matrix, with a total of 3905 people, but in reality it is not limited to only 5 people for each group but Infinity Wide, so you could end up with more than 3905 people under you.

When your downline is full of those 3,905 people, you will be making $3,905 every month Guaranteed and if you have more than 5 on any level, then you will earn more.

With just 13 people anywhere within your 5 levels, you will break-even and you will no longer have out of pocket expenses, reason being Paypal take a $3 commission when you are paid.  Global Domains International is a legitimate and trusted companies.  By becoming a member of the program, you are now what they call an "affiliate".  As an affiliate, the company is going to pay you a percentage of the money that they collect when the people you referred purchase and continue to pay for their services.  Commissions are paid on the 15th of each month.   Affiliate marketing is a huge industry and a lot of companies are starting to offer to pay people for referring other people to use their services.  Although when you look at the 5 x 5 matrix system, it looks like a pyramid but this is by no means a Pyramid Scheme as the company provides members with legitimate products and services. Affiliate marketing is an awesome way to make some great money. 

The best part about being an affiliate for this company is that GDI will pay you 5 levels deep, they pay up to 50% down 5 levels.  This means that as an affiliate, you earn commissions on every new affiliate that signs up under your downline regardless of who referred them, if they are in your downline, you will get a commission.  You earn guaranteed commissions on every new affiliate your referrals refer and every new affiliate your referrals referrals refer, and so on for five levels.  How good is that?  Now is your chance to make a massive amount of money as we help you build your downline.

So Come And Build A Lifetime Residual Income With Us At Global Team Alliance. and GDI Action Team!

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