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John Hamilton

Hello, my name is John Hamilton, I am an internet marketer and I currently have several other business’s that I promote on the net. I am the founder of Global Team Alliance. This team build is a result of the shortcomings of several other team programs in the past that were promoting Global Domains International that failed to deliver. I won’t go into details about them, suffice to say they either didn’t deliver what they said they would or the way they went about doing it didn’t work, hence the reason we joined with the GDI Action Team.

So I hear you ask , why am I doing this, the plain and simple truth is that I want to build my downline as quickly as possible. I want to be like our anonymous GDI top earner in the video, except our team will help you build your downline and any other help you may require.The referral commission money from GDI is guaranteed and is being paid to all their members, I can vouch for that as can anyone else who has referrals under them. I believe in the idea, that it is a lot easier to promote just one website than trying to promote several different ones. I feel the replicated system that we have in place in Global Team Alliance is a lot better than the original systems that didn’t work, plus our members, being required to be pro-active to help themselves and their own downlines will build their downlines a lot quicker than before.

I also hear you ask, what am I getting out of this and again the plain and simple truth is when you join GDI and become a member of Global Team Alliance and our Action Team you will be joining someone in my downline, therefore I am going to be paid a monthly commission from GDI every month that you stay a member in it, just as you will when you have referrals under you. So it is in my best interest to help you build your downline so you too can be paid those referral commissions. In effect, by me helping you and you helping your downline, I am building my own downline although we will only be paid down to 5 levels. Having the idea that you only need to get 5 people to sign up under you and that’s it all finished and done, then sit back and hope that everyone below you will do the same, in my opinion, is ludicrous and self sabotaging, you are setting yourself up to fail.

As far as I’m concerned and you should also have the same mind set, is that, if I want that end goal of at least $3,905 every month then I need to be responsible for everyone of those 3,905 people that will eventually be my full matrix downline, which includes the 3,125 people that will be on my level 5 as they too will be wanting to build their own downlines as well. Although in theory as a member of Global Team Alliance you only need to be responsible for those 3,905 people in your downline, I on the other hand as the administrator of our team, still need to help those past my level 5 and so on. If I was to give up on my level 5 and beyond, they would be left to their own devices, as which has happened in the previous team programs and our team as a whole will falter, I certainly don’t want that to happen because by that time I will be enjoying my $3,905 if not more every month. You only ever get paid the referral commissions from your own downline nobody else’s downline only your own. This whole system is based on the 5 x 5 matrix although it is infinity wide. Your downline is the bread and butter to making it all possible, look after your downline and it will look after you, to ensure your path to financial freedom.

So what are you prepared to do to arrive at that end goal of $3,905 per month which equates to $46,860 per year minimum by the way ? You can sit back after only getting 5 people and calling it quits, in the hope that one day you will have arrived, or be pro-active and help yourself by helping all those below you and by doing so, get there a hell of a lot quicker. I’m sure you must have seen the popular Zig Zaggler quote around the place, even GDI has it as one of their logo's “You Can Have Everything In Life You Want If You Will Just Help Enough People Get What They Want”

This is my taking on the whole process and is the core principal of which Global Team Alliance and the Action Team is based. There is no reason why we won’t fulfil our dreams and you know why, because “It’s Possible”.

John Hamilton

Global Team Alliance

Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win.


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